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Location means everything

Heaven Heights consists of an audacious edifice located right in the heart of the flourishing inland town of Rose-Hill, on Vandermeersch Street, some 150 metres from Place Cardinal Jean Margéot. This fully residential block of 46 apartments comprises all the latest innovations in terms of security and comfort. Two Penthouse levels with internal mezzanine crowns the ensemble, adding grace and composure to the definitely modern and elegant lines of its high quality design. The dominant situation of the apartments combines agreeably with the advantages of this renowned high-class neighbourhood, with its proximity to all the essential urban amenities: shops, markets, education, transport, leisure, promenade, night-life, public gardens, clinics… The residence lies at the confluence of various major roads, including the Ébène Road and M1 Motorway, which allow rapid connections to the entire island. Truly the perfect balance between a peaceful location and the multiple benefits one may derive from city life.